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Dr Axel Montagne, Assistant Professor at USC, visited the research groups in Paris on the 24th May.

Axel established a new collaboration with Anne Joutels group, which will involve studying microbleeds in rodent models using both MRI and histology to study different time points. He also learned how the Charpak group measure brain oxygen distribution using newly developed O2 nanosensor probe and two-photon laser scanning microscopy, a technique which will be used to understand brain oxygenation in rodent models of SVD. 

Axel is pictured below in Anne Joutel's lab (L-R: Julien Ratelade, Anne Joutel, Axel Montagne) at Paris Diderot University, and with Ravi Rungta and Davide Boido from Serge Charpak's group in Paris Descartes University.